Mum and daughter leave people befuddled as no one can believe they’re related


When it comes to TikTok there are plenty of videos on the social media platform that have people’s eyebrows skyrocketing up and their jaws hanging wide open.

From catching a partner cheating to life hacks, there are clips of almost every nature and most recently a trend has emerged where people are showing off their incredibly young-looking parents.

Many often mistake the parent for being the child’s sibling or friend and are stunned when the truth is revealed.

This has been the case recently after a TikToker known as @cynthiaslam shared a video explaining that most people assume her teenage daughter is actually her BFF or even in some cases her girlfriend.

Her most recent post says: “Everyone thinks we are best friends but…

“Mom & daughter.”

The duo who live in Nashville, in the US, stand together in the clip with their arms around each other, before crouching down on the floor.

The footage then cuts to a throwback photo of the parent and her daughter when she was just a toddler, in the same pose.

Cynthia, who works as a critical care nurse, captioned the video, writing: “We have so much fun with these throwbacks.”

More than three million people have since watched the post, with it garnering over 369,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Viewers were quick to admit they thought the pair were going to reveal something very different.

One person replied: “I thought this was about to say y’all were dating. Oh my god, you look so young!”

Another said: “I thought this was gonna say that you’re dating. LMFAO. NO WAY YOU’RE HER MOM, NO WAYYY.”

A third posted: “Definitely thought this was going somewhere else…”

“I’m shell shocked tbh, but also those are some gorgeous genes,” admitted a different user.

Someone else added: “This TikTok took us on a rollercoaster.”

In other videos, Cynthia shares that she was a teenage mother and raised her daughter on her own, she also says she’s in her 30s, for those wondering and that her daughter is 16.