Woman uses seagulls to get revenge after noisy neighbours kept her up all night


A woman used seagulls to get revenge on her noisy neighbours who kept her awake all night – and she called it the ‘ultimate revenge’.

Heather Minshull, 37, went on holiday for a relaxing time away from home, but soon she was banging her head against the wall of her caravan as the campers next door blasted out music until the early hours.

So the next morning, Heather decided to take matters into her own hands – and scattered bread all over the roof of their caravan at 7am.

Soon, seagulls flocked to the roof of the caravan in Wales – and squabbled and squawked over the bread, disrupting the noisy neighbours in a way only seagulls can.

Heather, from Stockport, explained in a hilarious TikTok video with the captions: “Was i wrong? I think not” and “Payback’s a b***h.”

She said: “So we’re on holiday in Wales in this lovely static caravan, it’s really nice, on this lovely peaceful resort…well it was peaceful until last night, our final night, when these idiots show up, 12 o’clock at night, music blaring…the kids were asleep.

“I asked them to keep it down but they didn’t, it went on for hours.

“So 7 o’clock this morning when I woke up I got them back. I checked there was no-one around and I launched a tonne of bread on the caravan roof so that this would happen.”

Clearly chuffed with herself she then added: “Brilliant! Wakey wakey!”

The mum was on holiday at a caravan park in Towyn, Wales, with husband Craig and their kids Toby, 11, and Tilly, eight.

She said she didn’t regret her little payback plan, adding: “The group woke up straight away.

There were three lads in the caravan, one came out looking extremely rough as the birds went for it on the roof.

“They were all looking angry and rough and clueless over what was going on.”