Pregnant woman shocked when doctor brings in 20 medical students to watch birth


A pregnant woman was shocked when she was rushed to hospital to give birth – and her doctor brought 20 medical students in to watch.

TikTok star Jessica Enslow now has seven children, but in 1994 she was expecting her first and as her partner was in the forces she was taken to a military hospital to give birth.

But to her shock, she wasn’t asked about the medical students witnessing the birth – and fearing she would get her husband in trouble, she didn’t say anything.

Sharing news of the unusual delivery on TikTok, Jessica said she hoped that military hospitals have improved their bedside manor by now.

Captions for the video read: “Military hospital brought in 20 med students to watch me give birth to my first child without asking me.

“And I didn’t say anything because I thought my husband would get in trouble.

“Hopefully, military hospital policies and bedside manner have improved since 1994.”

The video, uploaded on July 27, has already had over 18,000 views, alongside countless comments including from some women who said they went through the same thing.

Amy Sanderford wrote: “Same thing happened to me with my first!”

And another user named Erinn wrote: “Omg, I would be so angry!”

Marisa V wrote: “I’m sorry that happened. I’m a nurse who works at a military hospital, our team always asks before allowing any students to enter the room.”

And Amanda Acevedo added “Same! They set up a table and had three people between my legs as I pushed! The doctor was ‘annoyed’ I didn’t rip so they couldn’t practice stitching.”